Saudi Arabia Ramadan Calendar 2024 – Check Sehri, Iftar Timing

The Ramadan 2024 calendar for Saudi Arabia has been confirmed by authorities, with the fasting month starting on Monday, March 11, after the sighting of the moon. The official handle of Harmain also verified the sighting, announcing the beginning of Ramadan 1445.

Saudi Arabia Ramadan Calendar 2024

City Sehr Iftar
Medina 05:16 AM 06:30 PM
Sultanah 05:16 AM 06:30 PM
Ad Dammam 04:33 AM 05:47 PM
Buraydah 04:57 AM 06:12 PM
Riyadh 04:47 AM 06:01 PM
Jeddah 05:18 AM 06:32 PM
Mecca 05:16 AM 06:30 PM
Tayif 05:13 AM 06:28 PM
Khamis Mushayt 05:05 AM 06:19 PM
Tabuk 05:26 AM 06:41 PM

Ramadan Calendar 2024 Saudi Arabia – Sehri & Iftar

In preparation for this holy month, here is the Ramadan timetable for 2024 in Saudi Arabia. It includes the timings for Sehri (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (breaking of the fast) in various cities, enabling residents to observe their fasts accordingly.

Ramadan 1445 2024 in Saudi Arabia, Islamic Calendar

As Muslims in Saudi Arabia gear up for this sacred period, they look forward to the spiritual blessings and opportunities for reflection that Ramadan brings. It’s a time of heightened devotion, self-discipline, and community unity as people come together to fulfill their religious duties and seek closeness to Allah. May this Ramadan bring blessings and fulfillment to all Muslims in Saudi Arabia and across the globe.

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