Punjab Cuts Health Budget to Boost Sports Promotion

Punjab Cuts Health Budget to Boost Sports Promotion. Malik Faisal Ayub Khokhar, the newly appointed Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports, has expressed his intention to reduce the budget allocated for health in order to allocate more funds to sports in Punjab. During a press conference held in Lahore, Khokhar stated that he aims to ensure the efficient functioning of his ministry and to provide sports facilities to every child in the province.

Punjab Cuts Health Budget to Boost Sports Promotion

Punjab to cut health budget to promote sports

Khokhar emphasized his goal of making the sports ministry more proactive and ensuring access to sports facilities for all children in Punjab. He highlighted that currently, the sports budget is being overshadowed by the health budget, and he plans to address this by decreasing the health budget and directing more funds towards athletes.

Punjab to Reduce Health Budget for Promoting Sports

The minister assured that funds provided by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz would be utilized to prepare athletes for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. He reiterated the decision to reduce the health budget to prioritize sports, mentioning initiatives to promote traditional sports activities as well.

Punjab to Decrease Health Budget for Promotion of Sports

Khokhar also announced the provision of a new javelin for athlete Arshad Nadeem, who had been training with outdated equipment. Punjab Cuts Health Budget to Boost Sports Promotion, He stated that Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has already pledged funds for this purpose. Additionally, Khokhar stressed the importance of establishing sports centers similar to those in Lahore in other cities across the province.

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Furthermore, he disclosed plans to establish sports complexes akin to those in Lahore throughout Punjab and to promote traditional sports games across the region. Additionally, Khokhar reiterated the government’s commitment to providing Olympian Arshad Nadeem with a new javelin.

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