Iftar Time Today 2024

Locate Sehri as well as Iftar timings for Pakistan. Today, 04 Apri 2024 in accordance with the Islamic Hijri Date 02 Ramadan 1443; Karachi Sheri’s time is 05:03, and Iftar time is 6:50. The complete 30 day Ramadan Calendar 2024 Karachi is available for download in PDF format. Select the city in the following list of Pakistan cities below to see details about the Sehri date and Iftar fasting times of Pakistan in the Holy month of Ramadan.


Iftar Time Today 2024

Ramadan Calendar 2024 Karachi is all about Karachi Ramadan time which includes today’s Sehri Time at 05:03 and Iftar Time at 6:50. Today, Monday 04 Apri 2024, is Ramadan 1443, the Islamic month.m You can now get the most exact information about Pakistan’s Sehri Iftar timings as well as sehar iftar timings in one click only on Urdu Point.m There’s just a few minutes of difference between Fiqa Jafria Sehr in the Iftar time in Karachi that is as follows: Shia Sehri Time: 04:53 and Iftar Time 07:07.

Iftar Time 

City Iftar
Lahore 06:26 pm
Karachi 06:50 pm
Faisalabad 06:31 pm
Islamabad 06:34 pm
Multan 06:37 pm
Peshawar 06:40 pm
Rawalpindi 06:34 pm
Quetta 06:59 pm
Gujranwala 06:28 pm
Sialkot 06:26 pm
Hyderabad 06:45 pm
Sukkur 06:45 pm
Muzaffarabad 06:34 pm
Gilgit 06:34 pm
Mirpur 06:31 pm
Kotli 06:31 pm
Khyber Agency 06:45 pm
Mohmand Agency 06:43 pm

Iftar Last Time today

In the holy month of Ramadan, there is no need to be concerned about which is the best time to fast and what should be the time to break your fast. There are a variety of versions of the name. It is known as Ramadan and Ramadan in Arabic and different spellings are also popular across the world, such as Ramzan, Ramazan, Ramadhan, and Ramathan.



Iftar Date

All you have to do is go to the Pakistan section of the very and iftari timings. It doesn’t what city you reside it is possible to keep yourself informed of the latest sehar Iftar timings. It is important to note that the Islamic calendar is typically between ten and twelve days earlier in comparison to the Georgian calendar. Iftar times in Karachi differ every year. It is for this reason that many users use this calendar Ramadan Calendar 2024 Karachi to verify Roza, or Iftar time as well as Karachi Sehri time.



Official Website

Iftar Ramzan

UrduPoint’s section on Pakistan today’s very timings and Pakistan today’s iftar timings provides Roza timings of various sects of the Muslim community, i. for instance. Fiqa Hanafi Sunni and Fiqa Jafria Shia. The Muslim populace who reside in Karachi will be updated to Karachi’s Ramadan Calendar 2024 Karachi and can look at the duration of hours during the fasting period. Apart from Sehri as well as Suhoor as well as Iftar times in Karachi today, you may see the timings of prayers Qibla direction, as well as other details about Karachi on the other pages.

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Muslim community Iftar Roza

No matter what sect you are a part of which is either Fiqa Hanafi-Suni sny or Fiqa Jafari shy, by using UrduPoint Ramadan timings, you have access to the most accurate start time of the fast and quick breaking time. Iftar times in Karachi across different regions have slight differences, especially those that have a lengthy distance between the two. Find Pakistan Ramadan times in 2024.

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