E-Registration-Federal Board of Revenue 2024

E-Registration-Federal Board of Revenue 2024 – Pakistan’s tax system has gone through significant reforms in the last two decades, which led to the modernization of both indirect and direct taxes. To become tax filers in Pakistan the person must be registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in their city or region. Both registrations are different. Individuals can register online through the Iris Portal.

E-Registration-Federal Board of Revenue 2024

In recent years, we have seen the rationalization of tax rates for income as well as an introduction of self-assessment as a method of paying income tax, some increases in consumption taxes along with the rationalization and reform of the structure of customs tariffs including a reduction in tariff bands and the maximum rates. The initiative aims to increase the number of tax filers to improve the country’s tax base while reducing the cost for ordinary citizens who are forced to file late.


Contrary to what many believe The Government has taken great strides in the last 10 years to ensure it is simple for individuals, companies, and other organizations to register themselves with the FBR to be taxed. Federal Board of Revenue Registration 2024.  At present, the FBR is working on an extensive plan to reform and modernize all Customs and taxation processes. This initiative is designed to make tax returns easier for everyone, especially those who are salaried. It also promotes documentation culture. 


There are many reasons to consider signing up with the FBR the most important is that the FBR has taken steps to increase the number of taxpayers. Federal Board of Revenue Registration 2024. FBR took a series of actions in the recent past to expand the number of taxpayers as well as broaden the tax base. Revenue Tax – You must be a taxpayer, you must pay your income tax each year and withhold tax. Beiler is an initiative by a group of top tax professionals and tech enthusiasts. 


The tax system of Pakistan is still struggling in a number of fundamental ways, notably in its capacity to generate enough revenue. Federal Board of Revenue Registration 2024.  Three kinds of income tax registrations. To better understand the process, we separate it into three kinds. However, the owner of a company (or the principal officer of an Association of Persons) must visit the Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) to complete FBR registration. 


The reason is that the foundations of the two most significant taxes, including personal and corporate income taxes, as well as tax on personal and corporate earnings, along with the General Sales Tax (GST), remain limited and the rate of tax evasion is still quite high. Federal Board of Revenue Registration 2024.  Individuals do not require a National Tax Number (NTN) from FBR Your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) Number is your tax ID.

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In actual fact, the tax-to-GDP ratio has decreased over recent times. With your CNIC it is necessary to be enrolled electronically on Iris which is the e-filing platform of FBR. Federal Board of Revenue Registration 2024.  However, the majority of the macroeconomic fiscal adjustments that have occurred in the past few years have been focused on related to the expense portion of the budget. You can confirm that you are now an “Active Tax Payer” by sending an SMS to 9966 using the format below:


Certain expenditures, such as defense expenditures are more expensive in Pakistan as compared to other countries. Federal Board of Revenue Registration 2024.  However, the registration of AOPs and Companies involves a visit to the tax office to get NTN and e-enroll, in the following procedure:

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