Vaccine Registration Saudi Arabia: How to Register for Residents & Visitor 2024

Minimum 72 hours prior to travel to Saudi Arabia it is necessary to record the immunization information via the website at https://muqeem. sa/#/vaccine-registration/home. immunization program Muqeem vaccination is now compulsory for all travelers who travel to Saudi Arabia in accordance with an announcement issued by the Jawazat’s General Directorate ( The Saudi Immigration department).

Vaccine Registration Saudi Arabia How to Register for Residents & Visitors

Vaccine Registration Saudi Arabia: How to Register for Residents & Visitor 2024

The confirmation of a successful registration is required (SMS message or printed confirmation of registration number obtained through the Muqeem website). Muqeem site). All travelers, including foreign residents of KSA and visitors, and newly issued and current visa holders are required to sign up for the status of their vaccine.

Muqeem vaccination for those who visit KSA

Before gaining entry, it is required to fill out forms with basic details and download the app Tawakkalna for the phone. As of Saudi Govt has lifted the travel bans on certain categories of travelers from countries banned, museum registration has become one of the mandatory requirements.

Tourists and visitors who are vaccinated

Residents from those from the Republic of Serbia who have the right to reside in Serbia, are required to utilize this Quddum platform, accessible via the Absheer website, to be registered prior to arriving. immunization program.

Immunization Program

There are generally three main requirements to travel into Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia restricts entry into public areas for people who have not been vaccinated, basing it on the status displayed in the app Tawakkalna.

Requirement 2024

This site is designed specifically for KSA visa holders currently in KSA or in the country they are from or in a foreign country. immunization program Individuals who have the status “immunized” are permitted entry to restaurants, shopping malls markets, and shops after a review of their application. These people must sign up with the museum to change their status as vaccinated.



Registration 2024

The health status of the population was stable in Januar 2024 the epidemiological situation was stable, with less than 200 new cases of COVID-19 every day. immunization program If you’re not currently in Saudi Arabia, you can declare your vaccination status regardless of the type of visa you are holding. It is however mandatory that you register at least 72 hours prior to your departure flight to KSA.

Official Website

Non-vaccinated tourists/visitor 2024

Recently, officials from the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia have seen an increase in new cases and have introduced new measures. The step-by-step procedure for registration is provided below. immunization program Since the conditions are ever-changing travelers should stay informed of the latest travel guidelines.

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Registration 2024

Start by opening your official web page of Muqeem. You can do it on any device including pc/laptop/tablet/smartphone. Just click the link in the following paragraph: While default the website’s language is Arabic You can alter the language by clicking the “English” option.

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