University of Gujrat UOG Lahore Campus Fall Admission 2024

BS degree and master’s degrees for Fall Admission 2024 have begun at Gujrat University. Gujrat UOG’s in the Lahore Campus and the deadline to apply for admission to this school is the 23rd of Septembe 2024 this will be the final date that is not extended in any way, so adhere to the timeline as after that date, your admission application will not be accepted in any manner.

University of Gujrat UOG Lahore Campus Fall Admission 2024

Under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) the University of Gujrat Lahore Campus (UOG Lahore) was inaugurated in the fall o 2024. The University of Gujrat was chartered as a degree-granting University of Pakistan by the Government of Pakistan in the Year 2024.

UOG Lahore Campus Admission Last Date 2024

The University focuses on enriching the cultural landscape and enhancing educational traditions. Classrooms and labs are spacious and well-equipped. The principal goal of the University since the day it was established its beginnings is to nurture the hidden talent of young people, which aids to develop them and improve their performance in all areas.

Admission Details

Courses Click Here
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration Click Here
BS Computer Science (BSCS) Click Here
BS Information Technology Click Here
BS Software Engineering Click Here
BS Economics Click Here
BS English Click Here
BS History Click Here
BCom (Hons) Click Here
BS Islamic Studies Click Here
BS Mass Communication Click Here
BS Mathematics Click Here
BS Political Science Click Here
BS Statistics Click Here
Associate Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management Click Here
Associate Degree in IT Management Click Here
Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance Click Here
Associate Degree in Education Click Here
Associate Degree in Paralegal Click Here
BS International Relations Click Here
BS Psychology Click Here
BS Sociology Click Here
BS Sociology Click Here
BEd Education Click Here
Associate Degree in Graphic Design Click Here

UOG Lahore Campus Entry Test Date 2024

The rigorous curriculum is offered in UOG Lahore Campus. UOG Lahore Campus in all degree programs, and helps prepare students to become future world citizens. In terms of education, the primary goal of the University is to provide quality education for each student.

UOG Lahore Campus Admission Fee Structur 2024

The educational programs that are offered to students help them prepare for the demanding work environments and help make students eager and knowledgeable. The current registrar at the UOG is Dr. Tariq Aqil who has completed a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Mississippi University USA.

UOG Lahore Campus Admission Eligibility Criteri 2024

The UOG Lahore Campus aims to offer top-quality research-based training in addition to the scholarship. It is a step ahead of other universities by providing high-quality education that is worth the price through research and various academic activities for students.

University Officially Website

UOG Lahore Campus Offered Programs

The University offers a range of courses of fields to select from there is Faculty of Arts, Computing & Information Technology, Engineering & Technology, Science, Management & Administrative Science and Social Sciences.

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UOG Lahore Campus Admission Merit List 2024

Admission to the UOG Lahore Campus begins between July and August. Students can apply on the internet. All required documents must be submitted by the date of due. Every year, thousands of students graduate from the University and receive their degrees, and on the other side, thousands of students are admitted to the university to study and receive a quality education.

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