UAE Introduces New Labor Accommodation System to Enhance Worker Living Conditions

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) in the UAE has introduced the latest version of the Labor Accommodation System, aimed at improving living conditions for employees. This system serves as a national platform for registering workers’ accommodation facilities, ensuring they meet the standards set by the Ministry and its government partners.

By providing a centralized portal, the initiative allows businesses to register their worker accommodations and promote awareness about compliant housing units across the country.

UAE Introduces New Labor Accommodation System to Enhance Worker Living Conditions

MoHRE launches new edition of Labour Accommodation System

The primary goal of this initiative is to enhance the quality of life and well-being of workers in the UAE, further establishing the country as a leading global destination for living, working, and investing. In line with Ministerial Resolution No. 44 of 2022, companies with fifty or more employees are encouraged to utilize this platform to provide authorized housing for their workers.

UAE Launches New Labor Accommodation System to Improve Workers Living Condition

MoHRE has urged eligible companies to register their accommodation data through the official MoHRE website, accessing the Labor Accommodation System under the ‘Services’ icon. UAE Introduces New Labor Accommodation System to Enhance Worker Living Conditions, Online registration is available for both companies and employees.

Thanks to collaborative efforts with the private sector and awareness campaigns targeting business owners, the Ministry has observed a significant increase in compliance with labor accommodation regulations.

The UAE launches a new version of the “workers’ housing

Businesses failing to comply with these regulations may face legal action and increased scrutiny until necessary corrections are made. UAE Introduces New Labor Accommodation System to Enhance Worker Living Conditions, The Ministry’s partnership with government agencies has been instrumental in promoting compliance and improving workers’ well-being, ultimately enhancing productivity.

In 2023, a total of 103 inspection campaigns were conducted in cooperation with federal, state, and municipal organizations to ensure businesses adhere to health, safety, and living standards for workers. MoHRE has also collaborated with relevant government agencies to develop national databases for labor accommodations, facilitating improved monitoring and streamlining processes.

The comprehensive labor accommodation standards system prioritizes workers’ health, safety, and comfort, thereby enhancing the appeal and competitiveness of the labor market in the UAE.

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The legislation mandates various provisions such as adequate facilities for water, power, air conditioning, lighting, washing, cooking, and dining, along with appropriate areas for rest, beds, ventilation, sanitary facilities, and hygiene essentials.

Overall, the introduction of the Labor Accommodation System underscores the UAE’s commitment to safeguarding workers’ rights and promoting a conducive work environment conducive to their health and safety.

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