Trade Mark Registration In Pakistan 2024

Trade Mark Registration In Pakistan 2024 – The law governing trademarks registered in Pakistan is codified within the Trademark Ordinance number XIX, 2001. The law governing trademarks registered in Pakistan is codified within the Trademark Ordinance number XIX The costs related to the filing of trademark registrations in Pakistan along with other trademark fees can be found on the fee calculator.

Trade Mark Registration In Pakistan 2024

The Trademark Registry within the Intellectual Property Organization in Pakistan located in Karachi is the body that handles administrative matters for trademarks within Pakistan. Multi-class trademarks aren’t allowed in Pakistan and it is necessary to file a separate application submitted to each category. The mark’s prior use is not necessary to file an application. It is possible to legalize the Power of Attorney can be later filed as there’s no extra expense associated with late filing.

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Pakistan is a signatory to these International treaties that cover trademarks WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs Agreement) Paris Convention for the protection of Industrial Property. Multi-class trademarks for trademarks are not permitted in Pakistan The application must be filed in each case.

Trade Mark Registration Process in Pakistan 2024

To obtain the date of filing, a trademark application filed in Pakistan should include the following: The people who are applying for the proposed trademark must utilize the following symbols based on the state of their business mark(s). The base of the application i.e. how long the trademark is being proposed to be used or currently being employed in Pakistan.

Costs of Trade Mark Registration in Pakistan 2024

In Pakistan, the registration of trademarks is preferable to ensure that adequate relief and injunctions can be granted quickly when a mark that is not in conflict is utilized by a different. What is the nature of business of the person applying i.e. “Manufacturer” and “Manufacturer as well as Merchant”? Since the same doesn’t apply to the service industry the application for a service trademark could be filed without specifying the same. 

Trade Mark Registration in Karachi 2024

The registration of a trademark is not required, an application for registration as a trademark gives certain benefits to the owner of the mark registered over that of the trademark that is not registered. Trademark registration in Pakistan. Here are the main benefits of registration. A Power of Attorney should be signed by the applicant and authenticated by a notary public within the country where it will be executed.


IPO Pakistan 2024

A Power of Attorney should be signed by the person who is applying and signed by a notary public within the country where it will be executed. Legalization is not required however, it is suggested for the Power of Attorney should also be legally registered. This Power of Attorney can be late filed, without any extra cost for late filing. Fees for making trademark registration applications for Pakistan and other trademark-related fees can be found in the calculator for fees.

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Requirements IPO For Registration


Trademark, logo, brand name, device Check Here
Soft copy of the registered trademark Check Here
User affidavit in case of already trademark registry Check Here
Power of Attorney Check Here
Person identity proof ID card, driving license Check Here
Goods and services list Check Here
Firm proof/ Incorporation statements Check Here
Documents required for applications for a trademark are Check Here
Application form for registration Check Here
Address and postal code and nationality proof Check Here

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Trade Mark Registration Application Online 2024

A demand note for the payment of registration fees is issued. Within one month of receiving the demand note, registration fees are due to be paid. Trademark registration in Pakistan. The Pakistani trademark can be renewed an unlimited number of times for a period of 10 years. The renewal fees can be paid at any time during the time period of six months prior to the expiration date of registration.

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