The function of National Saving Organization [PDF]2023

National Saving Organization is a Financial Organization that is working under the Ministry Of Finance. In this article, you can read the function/purpose of the National Saving Organization. You can download the PDF file in which the purpose of National Saving is defined.

The function of National Saving Organization [PDF]2023

The main vision and mission of the national saving organization “promote and teach the value of thrift for saving deployment,” with the goal of becoming “the preferred institution for small savers to enable the goal of financial inclusion.” The PDF file can download on this page. Other relevant information like Fundamentals of Function of National Saving Organization is also given on this page.


The function of National Saving Organization Some Basic 2024

  • Promotion of National Saving Organization: The main task of Savings is to collect less money from the Lower Families of Societies of Pakistan. The main purpose of this task is to make the confidence to Lower class people via these schemes.
  • Create a Group of funds for the country: The basic and main task of this organization is to create the group of funds from the Pakistani by the trusties of Governments.
  • Formation of new savings Banks: The main aim of Savings is to build new banks across the country which will work the under Function of the National Saving Organization. As like other private and commercial banks are doing.
  • Provide the Helper to Stat Bank of Pakistan: The other main function of Savings is to offer assistance to SBP. The main task of the helper is to control the quantity of money. It also needs to launch some securities.

National Saving’s basic functions and jobs are mentioned on the official website. Some basic MCQs are also given on this page.

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