Telenor Quiz answers Today 22 December 2021

Telenor Quiz today answers. In this post, We share with you guys My Telenor app quiz answer. You can avail yourself the chance to win free MBs internet on My Telenor Application. If you answer all the questions correctly on Telenor App you can win free internet.

Telenor Quiz answers Today 20th December 2021

We will definitely help you to win Telenor free internet through Telenor Quiz today Answers. As we all know, Telenor recently launched a new service of giving free internet to all those Telenor sim users who win the quiz on Telenor app. All you need to install the app and visit this page regularly. As we publish all quiz correct answers on daily basis. Telenor Quiz today answers are below at the end of the post with the date today. You can check previous question’s answer with a date.

Telenor Quiz answers Today

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How to get free Telenor Internet.

Test Your Skills and Win FREE MBs Daily

Open My Telenor App installed in your phone, If it is not already installed install it. Once app is open, click “Test your Skills button”. You will see 5 questions there, Answer those 5 question and get 100/50 MBs free Internet on Telenor.

Today my Telenor app quiz 20th December 2021

Questions Options Correct Ans
Baltit fort is about __ years old.


·         30

·         50

·         700

·         100

“Takshashila” is the ancient name of __.


·         Karachi

·         Taxila

·         Quetta

·         Sialkot

Who built Hiran Minaar?


·         Jahangir

·         Babur

·         Akbar

·         B.S. Zafar

“Sagala” is the ancient name of which city? ·         Lahore

·         Sialkot

·         Islamabad

·         Rawalpindi

How long is GT road? ·         200 km

·         300 km

·         2400 km

·         100 km

2400 km


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