Single National Curriculum Pakistan [PDF] – SN 2024

Single National Curriculum Pakistan [PDF] – SN 2024-Ministry of Federal Education & Professional training of Pakistan Government has introduced one system of education for all. National Curriculum Development NCC has introduced a new vision. According to this vision, the curriculum of education in terms of one plan system has been introduced by NCC. This system of Education for all aims is to provide a platform of assessment whose motto is each student gets reasonable and alike prospects to receive a high-quality education.

Single National Curriculum Pakistan [PDF] – SN 2024

Single National Curriculum is the first step in that track. You can read full review details regarding Single National Curriculum like Objectives, Key Thoughts, Stages of Single National Curriculum, Growth Procedure of SNC, and other details also stated in this article.


Objectives of Single National Curriculu 2024

One System of Education throughout the country is included in the present Government Plan. In this section, the objectives of the Single National Curriculum are discussed in terms of curriculum, medium of instruction, and a common platform of assessment. Some objectives are mentioned below you can read,

  • All the children have equal rights to gain a high-quality education
  • It’ll Increase the Social Unity and National Incorporation
  • It will cause the Improvement of inequalities in education

Here are some Keys which help the Considerations of Single National Curriculum Pakistan.

Check here:

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