Ramadan moon: Ruet-e-Hilal Committee to meet for sighting crescent on March 11

The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee is scheduled to convene in Peshawar on the evening of March 11 (Monday) to sight the Ramadan moon. If the crescent is sighted, Ramadan will commence on March 12 (Tuesday). Maulana Abdul Khabeer Azad, the committee’s chairman, will lead the meeting, starting after the Asr prayers. Additionally, zonal committee meetings will take place in their respective areas to receive and evaluate moon sighting reports.

Ramadan moon: Ruet-e-Hilal Committee to meet for sighting crescent on March 11

Ramadan Moon: Ruet-e-Hilal Committee to Meet on March 11

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have urged their citizens to look for the Ramadan moon on the evening of March 10. This suggests that these Arab countries might start fasting a day earlier than Pakistan, as is often the case.

Weather expert Jawad Memon mentioned that although the moon for Ramadan will be born on March 10, it won’t be visible until March 11.

Pakistan’s Ramadan Start Date Announced

It’s highly likely that the first taraweeh prayers will be held on March 11, with the first fast observed on March 12, according to Memon. During Ramadan, millions of Pakistanis and billions of Muslims worldwide fast from dawn till sunset, with fasting durations ranging from 12 to 17 hours depending on geographical location.

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Ramadan in Pakistan is characterized by increased charity and public food drives, with people setting up roadside stalls in the evenings. The month also witnesses heightened business activities due to religious festivities and shopping trends leading up to Eid ul Fitr.

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