Punjab Textbook Board is Being Shut Down for Good

Education Minister Sikandar Hayat has declared that the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) will be dissolved. This is part of a big plan to reorganize things. He talked about this plan on Samaa TV in Lahore. The plan is to bring together four different educational groups into one.

This is to make things easier to manage and to make education better. The Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz will lead this effort.

Punjab Textbook Board is Being Shut Down for Good

Minister Hayat further explained the reform plan, highlighting the merging of various educational bodies into one. This includes combining the textbook board, Punjab Education Commission, and teacher training institutions into a single organization. He stressed the establishment of a new department directly under the Chief Minister’s supervision, covering all aspects of education.

This new setup signifies a major change from how things were managed before, with curriculum development now being part of this unified system.

In the updated structure, the Chief Minister of Punjab will directly oversee the education department. Minister Hayat also mentioned the intention to involve people from private educational institutions in this department. This move aims to encourage cooperation and the sharing of expertise.

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Minister Hayat highlighted the vital role of educators and everyone involved in education in the reform process. He stressed how crucial it is to include teachers’ knowledge and thoughts in developing the curriculum, making sure that educational materials are of high quality.

Additionally, Minister Hayat reiterated the government’s promise to listen to feedback from teachers and students. This feedback will help continually improve textbooks and exam papers. The focus on inclusivity and ensuring quality shows how committed the government is to making education in Punjab excellent.

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