PSO and Pakistan Railways Launch New Fuel Management System

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and Pakistan Railways (PR) opened two improved places for filling and storing fuel on Friday. These places are in Karachi and Lahore.

Mazhar Ali Shah, who is the Chairman and Secretary of PR, Syed Taha, who is the Managing Director & CEO of PSO, and Amir Baloch, who is the CEO and Senior General Manager of PR, attended the ceremony. Also, there were other senior managers from both organizations present at the event.

PSO and Pakistan Railways Launch New Fuel Management System

PSO & Railways inaugurate fuel management system

The completion of Phase-I of the Facilities Modernization and Upgradation (FMS) project marks a significant milestone in the longstanding relationship between the two national entities, spanning over four decades.

The modernized facilities in Karachi and Lahore now feature cutting-edge technologies such as flowmeters and calibration of storage tanks and tank wagons. These advancements ensure improved operational efficiency and safety standards.

According to the announcement made on Friday, Railways Chief Executive Officer Amir Ali Baloch has confirmed a new partnership with Pakistan State Oil (PSO).

Speaking at the event, Mazhar Ali Shah emphasized, “The introduction of these upgraded facilities signifies a crucial advancement in our efforts to strengthen the nation’s transportation infrastructure. With these improvements, we are strategically positioned to optimize logistics seamlessly and promote economic growth, in line with our vision for a more prosperous Pakistan.

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Syed Taha shared his perspective, stating, “The successful launch of the Upgraded Railways Filling & Storage Facilities represents a significant achievement in our longstanding partnership with Pakistan Railways.

Together, we are committed to fostering innovation and setting new standards for excellence in transportation. We plan to extend these enhancements to more cities soon, ensuring unmatched service quality and driving economic progress.”

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