Project Manager Jobs 2024 SABAWON Peshawar

SABAWON has recently announced job openings for the position of Project Manager 2024. These openings in Peshawar have been officially publicized by the organization. The Project Manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing and managing all programs initiated under SABAWON. Specifically based in Peshawar, the Project Manager is responsible for supervising projects within the area. Key responsibilities include devising effective plans for project implementation. It is the duty of the Project Manager to ensure the smooth operation of all projects located in Peshawar.

SABAWON Organization Project Manager Jobs 2024

The responsibilities of the Project Manager also encompass the effective implementation of plans through project management. Developing a robust strategy is a core responsibility of the Project Manager, who ensures that the plan aligns with the budgetary constraints and oversees the completion of the project within this budget. The Project Manager devises strategies to ensure timely project completion. Additionally, meeting donor requirements and addressing community needs are integral aspects of the Manager’s role. They strive to complete tasks within allocated budgets and tailor plans accordingly. Maintaining high-quality standards throughout the project execution is also a priority for the Project Manager.

Project Manager Jobs 2024 SABAWON Peshawar

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Project Manager Jobs Detail

Publish Date May 11, 2024
Location Peshawar, Pakistan
Qualification Matric, Intermediate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees
Application Deadline May 12, 2024
Number of Positions 1
Department SABAWON Organization
Location Address SABAWON Organization, Peshawar

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The project manager is actively developing a plan or strategy to ensure timely project completion while aiming for high-quality results. Addressing donor requirements is a priority for the project manager, who sets specific targets for the project and ensures its completion accordingly. Additionally, the manager is responsible for catering to the needs of the community. SABAWON, a social organization operating under the Government of Pakistan, focuses on social action initiatives. The project manager, like others within the organization, is committed to achieving excellence in their work.

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This organization is dedicated to social work, striving for high-quality outcomes in its endeavors. SABAWON assists in welfare and organizational activities under the Government of Pakistan’s jurisdiction. The project manager sets goals and works diligently to achieve them, ensuring timely project completion. Established in September 1994 under the Government of Pakistan, SABAWON aims to contribute positively to civil society.

Jobs 2024 Project Manager in SABAWON Organization

Abbreviated as SABAWON, the Social Action Bureau focuses on social work, recently announcing Project Manager jobs for 2024. Supporting the government’s initiatives, SABAWON aims to create a conducive environment for societal well-being. Additionally, it advocates for the rights of marginalized communities.

Duties for Project Manager jobs

  1. Project Managers are tasked with overseeing and managing the financial systems of the organization, ensuring adherence to policies and terms.
  2. They are responsible for maintaining high-quality standards throughout the project.
  3. Project Managers ensure the maintenance of partnerships with other organizations.
  4. It is their responsibility to facilitate and maintain assistance from the Government of Pakistan.
  5. Project Managers are expected to address and resolve issues arising within projects and communities.
  6. They compile reports and analyze project data for informed decision-making.
  7. Project Managers are responsible for managing the budgetary system associated with the project.
  8. It is the duty of Project Managers to provide predictions and insights to the government regarding project progress and outcomes.

Project Manager Jobs 2024

For those seeking job opportunities in 2024, SABAWON’s announcement presents a golden opportunity. The organization’s core mission is to promote good deeds within civic society. Advertisement for the Project Manager positions is available in various newspapers and on our website. Through its initiatives, SABAWON endeavors to enhance the living standards of individuals within the community. We regularly update the latest information about Project Manager jobs 2024 on a daily basis. Interested applicants can apply online through the official website of SABAWON: Apply Online for Jobs of Project Manager

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One of the primary responsibilities of the project manager is to ensure that the company’s policies and terms remain up-to-date, particularly concerning the financial system. It’s important to note that applicants for these vacancies must be between the ages of 30 and 45.

Jobs 2024 Project Manager in SABAWON Organization

Candidates currently employed in semi-government or government sectors are ineligible for these roles unless they possess an original NOC from the head of the department. In 2024, SABAWON is offering an excellent opportunity for the position of Project Manager. The ideal candidate should have a minimum of seven years of relevant work experience. While prior experience is not mandatory for Project Manager positions in 2024, candidates with relevant work history are preferred.

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