Pakistan’s Land Route Fruit Export Breakthrough to Russia

Pakistan’s Land Route Fruit Export Breakthrough to Russia. Pakistan achieved a significant milestone in regional trade on Sunday as transportation of fruits commenced to Russia via a land route. Sixteen trucks from the National Logistics Corporation, laden with oranges, embarked on a journey covering nearly six thousand kilometers to reach two Russian cities, Derbent and Grozny.

Pakistan’s Land Route Fruit Export Breakthrough to Russia

Pakistan Opens Land Route for Fruit Export to Russia

The National Logistics Corporation (NLC) of Pakistan successfully transported a consignment of Kinnow fruit to Russia via a land route, marking a milestone in regional trade. Departing from Sargodha, 16 NLC vehicles covered a distance of 6,000 kilometers, delivering 14 vehicles to Derbent and 2 to Grozny, Russia.

Russia lauded the NLC’s efforts in promoting bilateral trade between the two countries, with the warm reception of the NLC convoy in Derbent highlighting the potential for increased trade. Pakistan’s Land Route Fruit Export Breakthrough to Russia, Previously, the NLC provided logistic support for exporting bananas, meat, and seafood to Central Asian Republics states and China.

Pakistan starts fruit delivery to Russia via land route

Representatives from various organizations, including the International Road Transport Union, Russian Customs officials, Pakistani embassy officials, and members of the business community, celebrated this achievement. Pakistan’s first order for discounted Russian crude oil under a new deal between Islamabad and Moscow last year further strengthens trade ties.

The NLC’s efforts were commended by Russian authorities, recognizing the opportunity for mutual trade expansion. The launch of shipping services reshaped trade relations between both countries, with significant business opportunities and the potential to extend bilateral trade up to US$20 billion.

Pakistan starts fruit delivery to Russia via land route

The NLC’s recent launch of a referral service facilitates trade in the agriculture sector, drastically reducing shipping time from a month to 18 days. With approximately 40% of fresh agricultural produce spoiling due to inadequate cold chain infrastructure, the NLC’s reefer service ensured the fruits remained fresh throughout the journey.

Currently, Pakistan’s exports to Russia amount to USD$150 million, with imports at around USD$300 million. The NLC has previously facilitated the delivery of various commodities to neighboring countries, demonstrating a commitment to bolstering regional trade ties.

Pakistan starts fruit delivery to Russia via land route

Pakistan’s initiative to transport fruits to Russia via a land route holds promising economic prospects, expected to boost Pakistani exports to Russia by USD$2.5 billion in the coming years. This strategic move aligns with efforts to expand bilateral trade amid economic challenges and attract foreign investment.

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The direct cargo service to Russia is anticipated to significantly enhance Pakistani exports, potentially adding USD$2.5 billion to bilateral trade in the coming years.

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