New Petrol Prices in Pakistan from 01 March 2024

New Petrol Prices in Pakistan from 01 March 2024. As of March 1, 2024, the new petrol price in Pakistan is Rs275.62 per liter, while diesel is priced at Rs287.33 per liter. Petrol has seen an increase of Rs4.13 per liter, bringing it to Rs279.75 per liter for the next two weeks, whereas diesel remains unchanged at Rs287.33 per liter. The outgoing caretaker government has decided on these adjustments considering import rates and exchange rates.

New Petrol Prices in Pakistan from 01 March 2024

Petrol Prices in Pakistan from 01 March 2024

It’s anticipated that petrol prices will remain steady until March 15, 2024, despite reports suggesting possible reductions in petrol and kerosene prices by Rs8 per liter, with diesel and light diesel expected to rise by Rs1.50-Rs2 per liter during the same period.

The possibility of lower petroleum prices starting March 1, 2024, has been revealed, attributed to consistent decreases in crude oil prices and exchange rates for the dollar on the global market.

Petrol Price in Pakistan March 2024

Pols Old price New price Difference
Petrol Rs275.62 Rs279.75 +Rs4.13
Diesel Rs287.33 Rs287.33

Petrol Price in Pakistan Today 01 March 2024

However, the recent increase in petrol prices to Rs. 279.75 per liter and the unchanged diesel price of Rs. 287.33 per liter have dashed hopes for a significant reduction in prices, especially as many citizens have been grappling with inflation.

Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 1 March 2024

The latest petrol and diesel prices are effective from March 1, 2024, with petrol priced at Rs275.62 per liter and diesel at Rs287.33 per liter. These prices will remain in effect until the end of March. The Finance Division, acting on the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’s recommendation, has announced these adjustments as part of the fortnightly revision of petroleum product prices.

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