NA 259 Election Result 2024

Detail and complete Election 2024 official result of NA-259 Dera Bugti-cum-Kohlu-cum-Barkhan-cum-Sibi-cum-Lehri I with votes detail of General Election 2024. NA 259 Dera Bugti cum Kohlu cum Barkhan cum Sibi C Election Results in 2024 There are 31 candidates taking part in the general election 2024 in NA 259 Dera Bugti cum Kohlu cum Barkhan cum Sibi C City of Dera Bugti constituency.

NA 259 Election Result 2024

Election Pakistani Provide the information about the names of all candidates, their party affiliation, and their votes in the general Election 2024 of NA 259 Dera Bugti-cum-Kohlu-cum-Barkhan-cum-Sibi-cum-Lehri M.N.A seat National Assembly of Pakistan. Parties that are contesting the seat of NA 259 Dera Bugti cum Kohlu cum Barkhan cum Sibi c include JWP, PPPP, PPPP (JWP), PPPP, BAP, MMA, PTI, BNP, TLP, PMAP, BNM, TLI, NP, PJDP, BNP-A. , ANP, PSP, and Independent.

NA-259 Election Results Information

Elections from JWP, TLP, MMA, PTI, PPP, and BAP candidates. List of candidates participating from NA 259 Dera Bugti cum Kohlu cum Barkhan cum Sibi c includes Nawabzada Shahzain Bugatti, Mir Tariq Mehmood KethranSardar Mir Baz Muhammad Khan Khetran, Mian KhanMir Hair Bayar Khan DomkiMir Dostain Khan Domki, Mir Baz Muhammad, Jalamb Khan BugtiBabar Marghzani, Mir Liaqat Ali KhanAbdul Ghaffar, Muhammad Saddique, AttaullahNoor Ahmed Shah, Abdul Hayee Baloch, Faqeerullah Jan, Mehrab Khan, Syed Abdul Hayee Shah RashdiShahzadiNawab.

NA-259 Election Results

Candidates Votes Party
Nawabzada Shahzain Bugti(Winner) 22787 JWP
Mir Tariq Mehmood Khan Kethran 21213 IN
Mir Baz Muhammad 17578 MMA
Mian Khan Bugti 16300 IN
Mir Hair Bayar Khan Domki 12808 Ind
Mir Dostain Khan Domki 11930 BAP
Mir Baz Muhammad 6113 PPP
Julumb Khan Bugti 5527 Ind
Babar Marghzani 5422 PTI
Mir Liaquat Ali Khan 5243 Ind
Abdul Ghaffar 3016 BNP
Muhammad Siddique 2879 TLP
Attaullah 2840 Ind
Noor Ahmed Shah 2575 PkMAP
Abdul Hayee Baloch 2318 BNM
Faqeerullah Jan 2090 TLP
Mehrab Khan 1868 NP
Syed Abdul Hayee Shah Rashdi 1164 Ind
Shahzadi 967 Ind
Nawab Muhammad Mir Aali Bugti 583 Ind
Hasnain Iqbal Minhas 359 PJDP
Sheraz Ali 336 Ind
Khan Muhammad 320 IN
Mir Muhammad Khan 307 BNP-A
Mir Shahnawaz Khan Marri 255 IN
Nawabzada Gazain Khan Marri 215 Ind
Faqeer Muhammad 161 Ind
Mir Ibrar Khan Khetran 141 PSP
Allah Dad 141 ANY
Khudayar Marri 97 Ind
Ahmed Jan 88 IN


Nawabzada Shah Zain Bugti was elected MNA from N. You can view the complete results from NA 259 Dera Bugti cum Kohlu cum Barkhan cum Sibi C, including the total number of votes cast in th 2024 election and online votes cast by users as well as the election candidate’s name, the name of the party, details about the constituency report, and the previous results of the elections of 2002, 2008, 2013 and 2002 of NA 259 Dera Bugti cum Kohlu cum Barkhan cum Sibi c.


NA 259 Election Result 2024


A 259 District Dera Bugti cum Kohlu cum Barkhan Cum Sibi cum Lehri during the general elections o 2024. Find the complete analysis and predictions of the most prominent political parties for th 2024 elections comprising Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML N), Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP), Awami National Party (ANP), PSP, MQM Pakistan, and other popular political parties, who participated in the elections o 2024 on July 25,2023.

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NA-259 Candidates

The elections commissions of Pakistan were directed to re-poll 29 of the polling places. This resulted in a re-poll being taken place in 20 polling places of NA-259 on the 17th of Novembe 2024. Nawabzada Shah Zain Bugti was elected as a second M.N.A for NA-259. NA-259 Dera Bugti-cum-Kohlu-cum-Barkhan-cum-Sibi-cum-Lehri general Election 2024 consolidated result of all contestant candidate detail full information.



Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, Muttahida Majlis-Amal, Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan party-wise and independent candidates with full vote details. Muhammad Mir Ali BugtiHasnain Iqbal Minhas, Sheraz AliKhan MuhammadMir Muhammad Khan, Mir Shah Nawaz Khan Marrinawabzada Ghazain Khan MarriFaqeer MuhammadAllah Dad, Mir Ibrar Khan Khetran, Kohdayar MarriAhmed Jan.

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