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University of Health Sciences Lahore MDCAT Entry Test Preparation

Medical and Dental Colleges Admissions Tests (MDCAT) have been must for Public and private colleges. MDCAT test is for FSC medical students. This consisted of MCQS which derived from FSC medical Syllabus. The FSC pre medical students prepare of MDCAT by heart. MDCAT test are not prepare through reading.

mdcat entry test preparation 2021

If a candidate learns MDCAT test but not practical work about it then he wasting his time .And if a candidate does as well as learning, then he proves himself very good for the final exam.

Online entry test preparation for medical

MDCAT (Medical and Dental Colleges Admissions Tests) is an entry test. These tests are taken about in order to take admission for MDCAT in different medical colleges of Pakistan for MBBS. MDCAT syllabus  consists of four subjects. Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English. MDCAT consist of 220 MCQS.80 MCQS in Biology, 58 MCQS in Chemistry, 44 MCQS in Physics and 30 MCQS in English. According to PMDC for MNCAT test candidate must be a medical student, and only a FSC pre medical passed student will be accepted for test. Against it The students of ICS ,FSC pre Engineering, Commerce etc. cannot take he entry test of MDCAT.

Entry Test Preparation MCQs pdf

Biology MCQs 88
Chemistry MCQs 58
Physics MCQs 44
English MCQs 30
Total MCQs 220

An applicant can apply for MDCAT  through online registration .MDCAT test fee is 1500Rs. Candidate submit this fee in any branch of HBL. After online submission computer get a challan form who submit in mentioned branch. After completing this process roll no slip will sent by E.mail.

Subjects for MDCAT Entry Test Preparation Online

Biology Syllabus Cell Biology
Biological Molecule
Human Physiology
Chemistry Syllabus Physical Chemistry
Fundamental ConceptsStates of MatterAtomicStructure

Chemical Banding

Chemical Energetics


Chemical Equilibrium

Reaction Kinetics


Inorganic Chemistry


Transition Elements

Compounds of Nitrogen and Sulpher

Chemistry Syllabus


Organic Chemistry
Fundamental Principles


Alkyl Halide

Alcohols and Phenol

Aldehydes and Ketones

Carboxylic Acids

Amino Acids


Environmental Chemistry

Physics Syllabus Measurement

Motion and Force,


Energy and Power


Heat and Thermodynamic


Current – Electricity


Electromagnetic Induction

Deformation of solids


Modern Physics

Nuclear Physics

We hope that those student who prepare himself for MDCAT entry test they satisfied from this post. This post is very important for Medical students who want make a bright career in medical through MDCAT test. If any candidate have any issue about MDCAT entry test please write your issue or questions in comment section. As soon as possible we will give answers your questions. For More  latest updates please visit our official page and get latest updates about MDCAT entry tests.

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