Kashf Foundation Loan Apply Online 2024

Kashf Foundation Loan Apply Online 2024 – Kashf Karobar Karaza is Kashf Foundation’s primary product of loans offered to customers by Kashf Foundation to clients who want to establish their own business or expand their existing venture or women who plan to restart their businesses that have been shut down (applicable to businesses that have been closed for the minimum period of 3 months). Kashf Sahulat Karza will be accessible to existing customers to help them access to cash to meet any emergency requirements that might arise during the time of their loan through Kashf.

Kashf Foundation Loan Apply Online 2024

People who are looking for loans in cash. The easy loan program of Kashf assists people who require funds due to a major financial or social problem and for that reason, they can get loans through a simple and fast process that can solve any issue by making the loan. The product is also used by women who want to assist family members who run a business. This loan can be utilized for any emergency household necessity and doesn’t need to be used in order to satisfy the needs of a business.

Kashf-Foundation-logoKashf Foundation Emergency Loan In Pakistan – Kashf Sahulat Karza |

A first-time borrower of microfinance customers who borrowed the loan said that the cash Easy Loan could have been utilized for home improvement, such as building a new bathroom with indoor plumbing. Kashf Easy Loan (KEL) is a fairly new loan product that was created to meet the requirements of customers who require low amounts of money to meet their needs for any reason.

What is Ksk Offering?

Kashaf Easy loan’s total amount of 2.11 billion rupees, of only 128,076 has been disbursed to date. It’s an easy-to-access cash loan amounting to PKR 15,000 that is designed to help an underserved segment as well as create the possibility of microfinance for those with lower incomes. For those who qualify, Kashf offers an additional loan to clients who have an emergency such as school additional charges, electric bills, and so on. Each and every female and male can apply for Kashif’s easy loan program.

Total Amount In Kashaf Easy Loan 2024

It assists clients who need to cover their financial requirements. KSK will provide a loan to cover emergencies and not for operating or solving issues with the business. This loan is available with ease and in a shorter time. one of the beneficiaries of the Kashf-Sahulat-Karza-Shkila Biji says she was worried when her child’s tuition due for 3 months was mailed with the notice of being removed from the list of enrollees when they failed to pay the bill within the time frame she was worried.


Kashf Foundation Emergency Loan 2024

It is also a good option for housewives looking to establish a micro business or home-related costs. It’s a simple and attainable loan program. In this regard, Kashf has been distributed 128,076 rupees. the total amount to be spent is 2. 11 BILLION PKR. Then, her BDO informed her of KSK. KSK where she could access the funds to pay her school fees. She was delighted with the loan she received in an emergency.

Apply Online

Features & Specifications Kashf Karobar Karza (Kkk)
Time Duration 1 Year (12 Months)
Installments 12 (Equally Monthly Installments)
Quantity Up To Pkr 40,000 To Pkr 100,000)
Documentation Pkr 250 (Paid In Monthly Installments)
Insurance Two Plans Are Given With Maternity Coverage And Not 1850 And 1200 Respectively

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Kashf Easy Loan (KEL) is a new loan product designed to address the demands of those who need low amounts of loans to meet any needs. It usually is the case that clients already need a loan to address issues that they are already borrowers from KF in other programs of Kashf. Students needing a loan to finance their studies may also apply.

Contact Info:

Phone: +92-42-111-981-981

Email: Info@Kashf.Org

Fax: +92-42-35248916

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