Instagram Whatsapp and Facebook not working in Pakistan 2024

Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook have not been working since yesterday. It’s due to an international interruption.  Major Social media applications like Instagram, Whatsapps, Oculus, and Facebook are not workings in Pakistan. In this concern, The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA also tweeted about this issue. They stated that many social services not working in Pakistan due to international outages. Further details are being collected.

Instagram Whatsapp and Facebook not working in Pakistan 2024

In Pakistan, millions of People use Facebook, Whatsapps, and Instagram. Due to the blockage of these apps, many users are complaining about apps. In the concern of blockage social media apps, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Facebook CEO have tweeted and shared the reason for obstructions. After Whatsapp tweeted, Facebook Andy Stone also said that they are aware that many of users are face to run the Facebook app.


Why are Instagram or Whatsapp and Facebook not working in Pakistan?

We’re working to get rid of this problem and soon returned to regular as speedy as possible, an apology for any awkwardness. In this concern, PTA also shares its message through a Twitter application which is “The some services like FACEBOOK, Instagram and Whatsapp have been pretentious due to international outrage. The spoken person is saying more the details are being collected.

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