IMF says it can’t comment on domestic politics

IMF says it can’t comment on domestic politics. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stated that it does not involve itself in Pakistan’s internal politics, focusing solely on economic matters. This comes in response to a letter from Imran Khan, the founder of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), requesting an audit of the recent general elections. The IMF clarified that it received the letter on February 28, but its role is limited to economic issues.

IMF says it can’t comment on domestic politics

IMF Has Responded To Imran Khan’s letter

According to the IMF spokesperson, the organization encourages the fair and peaceful resolution of electoral disputes but refrains from commenting on domestic political developments. IMF says it can’t comment on domestic politics. Its engagement with Pakistan aims to implement strong economic policies to enhance financial stability, address economic challenges, and promote sustained growth for all citizens.

The IMF highlighted areas of focus, including improving public finances, reforming the energy sector, enhancing governance, and fostering a favorable environment for private businesses. It expressed readiness to support Pakistan’s economic development through ongoing arrangements and potential future programs.

IMF says won’t comment on ‘political developments’ after Imran Khan urges Pakistan election audit

Julie Kozack, Director of the IMF Communications Department, announced plans to dispatch a mission to Pakistan after the formation of a new cabinet. She emphasized the IMF’s commitment to aiding Pakistan in stabilizing its economy and protecting vulnerable populations.

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During a press briefing in Washington, DC, Kozack stated that the IMF Executive Board approved the first review of the Stand-By Arrangement with Pakistan, reflecting the organization’s support for economic stability. The IMF commended Pakistan’s caretaker government for maintaining stability and implementing necessary economic measures.

Looking ahead, the IMF aims to complete the current Stand-By program, which concludes in April 2024, and collaborate with the new government to ensure macroeconomic stability.

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