How to Calculate Merit for MBB 2024[Updated Formula]

In this article, I’ll justify the way of calculating the merit for MBBS 2021. Here the details are available about calculating to aggregate for MDCAT. The Updated formula is discussed below students can check here. In this section, you can also check some simple examples that can help you understand the formula. The total marks of the MDCAT test comprise 1100 which can be divided into a different manner.

How to Calculate Merit for MBB 2024[Updated Formula]

You can check below. The updated formula which is given needs to apply with accuracy in order to get admission to medical universities and colleges in Pakistan.


Calculate Merit for MDCAT Detail 2024

Commonly, after the MDCAT test, thousands of questions ask about MCAT Calculation merit. Amusingly, it’s a simple procedure anyone can calculate the merit for MBBS of entry test. It’s connected to HSSC Subject result and Division for MCQs getting in MCAT. International Students can also submit equivalent degrees marks along and can calculate the merit for MBBS 2021. Below the paragraph, you can check the Updated Formula and can calculate the merit for MBBS 2021.

Check here:

Merit formula for MBB 2024

  1. Marks in “Intermediate or Equivalent Qualification 1100 x 50” = 50% of HSSC
  2. Marks in “Entry Test of MCAT 200 x 50” = 50% Test of MCAT
  • Add up the values from HSSC and MCAT TEST = 50% of HSSC + 50% Of Entry Test = Aggregate Marks
  1. Aggregate Percentage = Aggregate Mark X 100



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