EHESS Program 2024

EHESS is Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and the Camargo Foundation have joined forces to offer two residence grants for the Camargo Foundation for an artist (who must live abroad) as well as a social science scholar.

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EHESS Program 2024

The Levan Institute for the Humanities and USC Dornsife College are pleased to announce the launch of the first academic exchange within the EHESS partnership between USC Dornsife and. The purpose of the program is to promote relations and exchanges between artists and researchers in order to create projects that bridge the social sciences as well as the arts, with the intention of creating a collaborative production.

EHESS The EHESS School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences

The program allows two professors of USC as well as one from Ecoles des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales to take a month off as visiting faculty members in the partner institution during the normal academic year.

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The residency takes part in this discussion about the mutual benefits that result from the interaction between research and creation, recently bolstered through the CRESS program which is Creation and Research in Social Sciences.



University Ranking

Prof. Nancy L. Green of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales will serve as the first Dornsife-EHESS visiting professor at USC who will be in residence from January 1-282023. Nancy L. Green is professor (directrice of etudes) historian emerita in the EHESS.


In their proposal, candidates should demonstrate, based on their research or background, the passion they hold for cross-disciplinary crossings and exchanges among the arts and sciences, as well as the social sciences. She was awarded a doctorate by The University of Chicago and a doctorate d’etat at the Universite de Paris VII.

Student Life

Goal: To fund Ph.D. study at EHESS located in Paris Paris for a maximum of two academic years.
The amount of the award The amount of award is a stipend that is paid by the EHESS which is equivalent to $12,000 per stay for the academic year for two quarters.

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Application and Selection

A specialist in the history of migration, comparative methods as well as French as well as American historical social studies, some of her most recent works comprise Citizenship and Those Who Leave (co-ed. together with Francois Weil)”The Others”: Americans in Paris The Other Americans in Paris: Businessmen, Countesses, and Wayward Youth from 1880 to 1941; A Century of Transnationalism: Immigrants and Their Homeland Connections (co-ed. together with Roger Waldinger); and The Limits of Transnationalism. for shorter stays of not less than three months the stipend is prorated.

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The program is open to Ph.D. students who are in this Division of the Social Sciences that have dissertations that would be greatly enhanced by study and research conducted in Paris and who stand to be greatly benefited by the resources offered by the Ecole des Hautes.

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