Asean Foundation Online Internship 2024

ASEAN Foundation Online Internship 2024 – Apply now for an internship at ASEAN Foundation online. The ASEAN Foundation was created to support the ASEAN community’s development. This is a great way to get experience while still being at home during Covid19. You can apply for the internship at any of our three work units: operations, communications, and program. Students who are looking to expand their knowledge and stay at home can apply for this virtual internship. To learn more or to apply, click the links below.

ASEAN Foundation Online Internship 2024

The duration of the ASEAN Foundation online internship is between 8 and 24 weeks. Good news! The ASEAN Foundation online Internship program is now open. As communication interns, selected students will be working with the ASEAN Foundation. The communications manager leads the team. Is there a better opportunity than an international internship through a well-respected organization to get out of this COVID-19 lockdown? It’s time to get out of your house and learn skills that will help you make a bright future.

Asean-Foundation-logoASEAN Internship 2024

Interns should be familiar with communication techniques. The ASEAN Foundation was established to support the ASEAN community. It will give you an edge in your life if you can learn more from this lockdown than everyone else. To assist the ASEAN Foundation, a motivated and dedicated communication intern is needed. This internship can be done online for students who want to increase their exposure from home. This internship is open to all students, regardless of their nationality or field.

Online Internship At Asean Foundation 2024

This internship is open to students and applicants from diverse fields. As the ASEAN Foundation’s primary target audience, we will require an intern who can communicate in ASEAN’s language and understand the views of ASEAN’s young generation. This internship is not a short term of three to four weeks. It’s quite long and you’ll learn a lot during it.ASEAN Foundation must have high exposure and communicate its results to a wider audience.

ASEAN Internship Jakarta 2024

The internship will last between 8 and 24 weeks. They must also be familiar with communication strategies.ASEAN Foundation is looking for passionate, capable interns to help with its operations, communications, and programs. Interns should be able to comprehend the communication style of the younger generation. The ASEAN Foundation offers an Internship Program to help ASEAN youths explore their potential. To support all ASEAN Foundation initiatives, an innovative and passionate communications intern is required.

Online Internship: Asian Foundation Communication 2024

Undergraduate and postgraduate students of the ten ASEAN member nations and the dialogue partners can participate in the two- to six-month-long internship program. This program provides an opportunity to learn and contribute to ASEAN community-building processes toward a dynamic and prosperous region. As the ASEAN Foundation’s main target audience, we will require an intern who can communicate in ASEAN’s language and is familiar with the thoughts of ASEAN’s young generation.

ASEAN Foundation Internship Programme 2024

To further develop their talents and potential, the interns work under key Foundation units such as Programme Unit and Communications Unit. A strong communications strategy is essential to ensure that the ASEAN Foundation’s projects are well-known and communicate its success to wider audiences. The interns will be responsible for implementing and monitoring programs and research proposals.

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ASEAN Foundation Communication Intern 2024

The Foundation is committed to fulfilling its mission to provide equal educational opportunities for ASEAN youth. It opens opportunities to students from London School Beyond Academy Jakarta to participate in a 10-week internship. The online internship program is available for between eight and 24 weeks. They were assigned to program, communications, and operations units to help the Foundation with data collection and bookkeeping.

ASEAN Foundation Internship Online 2024

The ASEAN Foundation’s communications team is seeking young candidates for the internship program. The opportunity is available for applicants at any time. This will allow for greater outreach. The selected students will be communication interns. The Foundation may also ask them to create content for its social media platforms.

Contact Info:

Address: The ASEAN Secretariat Heritage Building, 1st Floor, Jl. Sisingamangaraja No.70, 12110, Indonesia


Phone: +62 21 31924828

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