Arrested PIA Air Hostess Allegedly Involved in Drug Smuggling

Arrested PIA Air Hostess Allegedly Involved in Drug Smuggling. An air hostess from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) recently gained attention when Canadian authorities apprehended her for suspected illegal activity.

Subsequently, it has been revealed that Canadian officials found crystal meth, commonly known as ice, in her possession. Details indicate that Hina Sani had concealed the drugs in her shoes.

Arrested PIA Air Hostess Allegedly Involved in Drug Smuggling

Ice recovered from shoes of PIA hostess Hina Sani in Canada

Hina remains in custody and has yet to be granted bail. Canadian immigration authorities are anticipated to present her before a local court soon.

Allegations have emerged suggesting Hina may not have acted alone. Reports indicate she implicated two other PIA officials at Toronto Airport – Faiza Javed and Jameel – alleging their involvement.

Canadian immigration officials extensively questioned Faiza and Jameel regarding their alleged roles.

If deported, Hina is expected to return to Pakistan as a regular passenger, not part of the crew. Arrested PIA Air Hostess Allegedly Involved in Drug Smuggling, Although she was previously released, she was later re-arrested and imprisoned.

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has contacted PIA, seeking information on Sani’s case, hinting at a potential broader investigation.

PIA air hostess suspended after arrest by Customs at Toronto airport

According to a private news channel, there are claims of “influential circles” pressuring PIA’s administration to reinstate Sani, despite her suspension.

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PIA has also launched an internal investigation led by the Central Disciplinary Unit, examining the roles of a manager and a flight scheduler potentially linked to Sani’s case.

PIA air hostess arrested at Toronto airport over illegal activity

Reports suggest that PIA flight schedulers may have assigned personnel with “no-fly declarations” to the Toronto route. Moreover, allegations have surfaced regarding crew members being assigned “non-routine duties” by the General Manager of Flight Services.

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