Apple Nearing Completion of Foldable Phone Design

Apple Nearing Completion of Foldable Phone Design-Recent reports from supply chain sources suggest that Apple is getting close to finishing the design of its foldable project. This means that many parts of the folding device’s design are almost ready. It shows that Apple is getting ready to make a lot of these devices. However, it’s not clear if these foldable devices will be available in 2025 or later.

Apple Nearing Completion of Foldable Phone Design

Apple Nearing Final Design For Foldable Phone: Report

In the past, there were rumors that Apple might release two flip-style foldable devices similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. According to MacRumors, a report from DigiTimes, based on sources from the Taiwanese supply chain, says Apple has been working on its first foldable product for at least five years.

These new devices won’t be iPhones; they will be a different kind of product. Some rumors suggest that because they have larger screens, these Apple foldable devices with 7-8-inch displays might be considered part of the iPad category instead of the iPhone category. Apple Nearing Completion of Foldable Phone Design. This supports earlier guesses that the foldable devices would look more like tablets or notebooks.

Apple’s folding device taking shape, isn’t an iPhone

It’s possible that Apple wants to do some research before selling foldable devices, making sure people will want to buy them. Currently, the design work for the device is almost finished, and Apple is getting ready to start making lots of them. The main challenge is to make sure the folding mechanism is good enough for Apple’s standards.

Apple’s first foldable screen probably won’t be on the iPhone

There are also rumors that Apple is working on a foldable screen for a laptop, similar to what Asus and some other Windows laptop makers are doing. Some Korean news outlets say Apple is talking to suppliers about making a MacBook with a foldable screen. This could make the display market more exciting.

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The foldable screen MacBook is expected to be announced in 2025 and released in 2026. Recently, Korean display makers like Samsung Display and LG Display have been investing a lot in OLED panels for laptops because the smartphone market is not growing as fast anymore. They are working together to make foldable OLED panels just for laptops.

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