Abdul Wali Khan University AWKUM MS, Mphil, LLM, PhD Admission 2024

Abdul Wali Khan University AWKUM MS, Mphil, LLM and Ph.D. Admission 2024 are currently open to all qualified candidates. Online applications are now open for Admission to the MS/MPhil and Ph.D. (Admissions in the spring o 2024) AWKUM is looking for all applicants who meet the criteria and would like to further develop their academic careers in a reputable institution. If you’re eligible, you need to click the above link and fill out an online application. Register and download your online application and fill it with precision and attach all necessary documents to it.

 AWKUM MS, Mphil, LLM, Ph.D. Admission 2024

Abdul Wali Khan University AWKUM Admissions-If you’re one of those who possess the skills required and wish to join this University. Attach your bank draft for Rs. 12000per per person to be used for MS, MPhil, and LLM admissions, and an official bank draft of the amount of Rs. 2500to pay to apply for Ph.D. Admission. You can be in the right place to find the eligibility requirements; the deadline for applying, the online Application Form, How to be admitted in 2024 to AWKUM, and all the relevant details about the admission.

Abdul Wali Khan University AWKUM MS, Mphil, LLM, PhD Admissions Adertismen 2024

Courses Click Here
MPhil Nanotechnology Click Here
M.Phil (Mass Communication) Click Here
M.Phil (Mass Communication) Click Here
M.Phil Phytomedicine Click Here
MS/MPhil Food Science and Quality Management Click Here
MS/MPhil Food Science Management Click Here
MS/MPhil Mathematics Click Here
MS/MPhil Information Technology Click Here
MS/MPhil Inorganic Chemistry Click Here
MS/MPhil Law Click Here
MS/MPhil Microbiology Click Here
MS/MPhil Organic Chemistry Click Here
MS/MPhil Physiology Click Here
MS/MPhil Public Administration Click Here
MS/MPhil Wildlife & Fisheries Click Here
MPhil Statistics Click Here
MPhil International Relations Click Here
MS/MPhil Special Education Click Here
MS/MPhil Analytical Chemistry Click Here
MS/MPhil Applied Chemistry Click Here
MS/MPhil Applied Linguistics Click Here
MS/MPhil Applied Psychology Click Here
MS/MPhil Biochemistry Click Here
MS/MPhil Bioinformatics Click Here
MS/MPhil Biotechnology Click Here
MS/MPhil Business Administration Click Here
MS/MPhil Computer Science Click Here
MS/MPhil Software Engineering Click Here
MS/MPhil Economics Click Here
MS/MPhil English Click Here
MPhil Pharmaceutical Sciences Click Here
MPhil Pharmacology Click Here
MS/MPhil Environmental Sciences Click Here
MS/MPhil Pakistan Studies Click Here
MS/MPhil History Click Here
MS/MPhil Environmental Engineering Click Here
MPhil Political Science Click Here
MS/MPhil Sociology Click Here
MS/MPhil Pharmacy Click Here
MS/MPhil Punjabi Click Here
MS/MPhil Persian Click Here
MS/MPhil Geography Click Here
MPhil Management Science Click Here
MPhil English Click Here
MPhil Arabic Click Here
MPhil Botany Click Here
MPhil Chemistry Click Here
MPhil in English Literature Click Here
MS/MPhil Islamic Studies Click Here
MS/MPhil Physics Click Here
MS/MPhil Urdu Click Here
MS/MPhil Zoology Click Here
MS/MPhil Food and Nutrition Click Here
MS/MPhil Food Science and Technology Click Here
MS/MPhil Textile and Clothing Click Here
MS/MPhil Education Click Here
MS International Relations Click Here
MS Applied Chemistry Click Here
MS Management Science Click Here
MS English Click Here
MS Human Nutrition and Dietetics Click Here
MS/MPhil Food Science & Nutrition Click Here
MS Information Technology Click Here
MS Bioinformatics Click Here
MS Statistics Click Here
MS (Software Engineering) Click Here
MS (Food Science & Technology) Click Here
MS (Clinical Psychology) Click Here
MS (Computer Science) Click Here
MPhil Physics Click Here
MPhil Human Nutrition Dietetics Click Here
MPhil Art and Design Click Here
MS Public Administration Click Here
MBA (2Years) Click Here
MS Human Nutrition and Dietetics Click Here
MS Political Science Click Here
MS Electrical Engineering Click Here
M.Phil Physiology Click Here
M.Phil Education Click Here
M.Phil Physics (Nanotechnology) Click Here
MPhil. Pharmaceutics Click Here
MPhil Persian Click Here
MPhil Physical Chemistry Click Here
M. Phil Pharmaceutical Chemistry Click Here
MPhil Commerce Click Here

Ph.D. Courses

Courses Click Here
Ph.D. (English) Click Here
Ph.D. Biotechnology Click Here
Ph.D. Physics Click Here
Ph.D. Computer Science Click Here
Ph.D. History Click Here
Ph.D. Pharmaceutics Click Here
Ph.D. Pharmacology Click Here
Ph.D. Applied Chemistry Click Here
Ph.D. Applied Linguistics Click Here
Ph.D. Biochemistry Click Here
Ph.D. Business Administration Click Here
Ph.D. Mathematics Click Here
Ph.D. Microbiology Click Here
Ph.D. Physiology Click Here
Ph.D. Wildlife & Fisheries Click Here
Ph.D. Human Nutrition and Dietetics Click Here
Ph.D. Environmental Sciences Click Here
Ph.D. Islamic Studies Click Here
Ph.D. Food and Nutrition Click Here
Ph.D. Food Science and Technology Click Here
Ph.D. Education Click Here
Ph.D. Sociology Click Here
Ph.D. Economics Click Here
Ph.D. Arabic Click Here
Ph.D. Urdu Click Here
Ph.D. Botany Click Here
Ph.D. Chemistry Click Here
Ph.D. Zoology Click Here
Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Click Here
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering Click Here
Ph.D. Political Science Click Here
Ph.D. Eastern Medicine Click Here
Ph.D. Psychology Click Here
Ph.D. Applied Psychology Click Here

AWKUM  Mphil Admission 2024

After that, you’ll take an entry test. You only need to go through this article thoroughly and then follow the steps given here.BSc Computer Science/BSc Maths A&B/BSc Maths A Physics Computer Science/BSc Mathematics A statistics, Computer Science with at the minimum of 2nd Division (45 percent marks) Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan AWKUM was established in 2009 as a type of public institution under the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Abdul Wali Khan University online Admission 2024

BSc (with Botany) with at the very least 2nd Division (45 percent Marks)University is affiliated with the Higher Educational Commission HEC and 49 institutes are associated with that University.BA/BSc (Economics the preferred topic).

Abdul Wali Khan University Entry Test Dat 2024

B.Com with at minimum 2nd Division (45 percent marks) AWKUM started functioning as a post-graduate college in Mardan and, with the passage of time, the university grew its reputation as the most prestigious university in the city. BSc (with Mathematics, Physics) at minimum 2nd Division (45 marks)


Apply For Admission 2024

Every year, the University provides admission to undergraduate, graduate, M. Phil, and Ph.D. programs. So this article is about Abdul Wali Khan University AWKUM MS Mphil, MS, LLM, Ph.D. Admission 2024. If you’ve read the entire article, you need to follow the directions. Every year, when this university is open for admission, a huge amount of applicants are accepted, however, admission is limited for those who pass the entrance exam.

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