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Today’s Silver Price for Pakistan2023

Today’s Silver Price for Pakistan2023-The cost of gold tolas has increased by the amount of Rs. 800. The silver price is now available in Pakistan. Prices of silver per tola across Pakistan have increased to 132,000 rupees. 132,000. The current silver price in Pakistan per gram is Rs. 1303.15 on April 8,2023. Meanwhile, the silver price per tola is the equivalent of Rs. 1520. Chandi Rates are updated frequently by the Saraf market. Saraf market.

Silver Rate in Pakistan Today

Today’s Silver Price for Pakistan2023

The price of gold 10 grams has been increased by the amount of Rs. 686 to an amount of Rs. 113,169. The sliver is yet another valuable piece of jewelry popular worldwide in Pakistan. So, if you’re looking for information on Sliver Prices for Pakistan it is easy and easily find it on our site since it is able to give its visitors the most accurate and reliable Chandi price in Pakistan.

Silver Rate in Pakistan

Quantity Pakistani Rupee Rupees Dollar
1 Gram PKR 82.64 INR 53.90 USD 0.78
1 Tola PKR 963.87 INR 628.70 USD 9.14
10 Grams PKR 826.38 INR 539.02 USD 7.84
1 Sovereign PKR 661.10 INR 431.21 USD 6.27
10 Tolas PKR 9,638.74 INR 6,286.99 USD 91.43
1 Ounce PKR 2,570.33 INR 1,676.53 USD 24.38
1 Kilogram PKR 82,638.02 INR 53,901.72 USD 783.84

The Silver Price in Pakistan

At Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Multan, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta markets for barter, the price of tola gold was cut to Rs. 132,000 and the cost of gold per 10 grams were cut to the amount of Rs 113,169. The site was regularly updated with information regarding the price of silver in Pakistan.



About Silver

we will keep you updated on the current gold price in Pakistan as it is announced to be by the government that runs Pakistan. Pakistan Gold market, which is located in Karachi. Another important metal in addition to Gold is Silver. Women and girls are not complete without gold jewelry and makeup set. While the worth of silver was not close to Gold but it still stood with its numerous applications, the significance of silver cannot be overlooked. to.

Histories of Silver

There’s a change in the current Gold price in Pakistan because the international market for gold rates fluctuates each day. Additionally, the price difference between the price of silver and Gold is significant and is one reason why people of all income levels are drawn to trading or purchasing silver. Urdu is our official language, and we read the current gold price from Pakistan in Urdu from newspapers.

Today, the Silver Rate is at its highest in Pakistan

In addition, some people think silver is more attractive or striking more attractive than Gold. Goldsmiths Guess the gold price in Pakistan 21K has prepared a variety of designs for females. With changing trends in design and trends, silver jewelry was regarded as an item of marriage in Pakistan which has led to a massive rise in silver jewelry.

Official Website 

Today Chandi Rate in Pakistan

Women who wish to know the current gold price in Pakistan today, 2021, online selling and pursuing proposals. You can check the current rates of gold in Pakistan for all cities in Pakistan. You may think that silver is readily available in the form of jewelry which one can purchase or trade in, however, it isn’t restricted to having possession of precious metals in jewelry There are many other varieties of investment in silver also.

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Factors that influence the Silver Rate in Pakistan

Ladies can get an estimate of the gold price of Pakistan by tola, in PDF format. For instance, silver can be purchased in the form of medals, bars, or precious metals you can acquire by investing in the largest commodity markets in the United States, Europe, Japan, and London.

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