Sindh Bans Display of Weapons

The government of Sindh has put a three-month ban on showing licensed weapons throughout the province, starting right away.

They announced this decision on Tuesday. The goal is to make the public feel safer and lessen the feeling of unease among people.

Sindh Bans Display of Weapons

According to a notification issued by Additional Chief Secretary-Home Muhammad Iqbal Memon, the ban exempts law enforcement personnel who are on duty. Also, guards from registered private security companies can carry weapons during their duty hours at their designated places. However, they are not allowed to show or wave their weapons while traveling in vehicles.

The notification also states that security guards should avoid openly displaying their weapons while patrolling or working in open areas. The aim is to stop any unnecessary showing of firearms that could worry the public.

Police stations’ SHOs (Station House Officers) are directed to file complaints under Section 188 of the Pakistan Penal Code against those who break the ban, which is enforced under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code. This legal structure backs the ban and describes the penalties for not following it.

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The concerned SHOs of police stations were instructed to file complaints under Section 188 of the Pakistan Penal Code for any violations of Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which imposed the ban on displaying arms.

The proactive stance of the Sindh government shows its dedication to upholding law and order and ensuring the safety of its citizens by reducing the public display of firearms.

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