Here’s How Many Eid Holidays UAE is Getting This Year

People who live in the UAE will have a long weekend to celebrate Arafah Day and Eid Al Adha, which are important in Islam.

This break will probably happen in the second week of June. The exact dates will be told later by Sheikh Ayaz Houzee, who is an Imam at NGS and speaks at Al Manar Islamic Centre.

Here’s How Many Eid Holidays UAE is Getting This Year

Eid Al Adha happens around two months and a bit after Eid Al Fitr, following the Islamic lunar calendar. Sheikh Ayaz explained that because this calendar follows the moon’s cycle, the dates for Eid festivals change every year, moving about 10 to 11 days earlier each time.

In the Islamic calendar, months can be 29 or 30 days long, depending on when the crescent Moon is seen. Arafah Day comes on the 9th day of the month of Dhul Hijjah, followed by Eid Al Adha, which lasts three days.

According to the Hijri calendar on the Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) website, Dhul Hijjah 1 is expected to start on Saturday, June 8. This lines up with astronomical calculations, as Khadijah Ahmad, operations manager of the Dubai Astronomy Group, mentioned.

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If Dhul Hijjah 1 is on Saturday, June 8, then Arafah Day will be on Sunday, June 16 (Dhul Hijjah 9), and Eid Al Adha will fall on Monday, June 17 (Dhul Hijjah 10).

This means the break will start from Sunday, June 16, to Wednesday, June 19, including the weekend (Saturday, June 15). It gives a five-day holiday for the festival.

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