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DHA Multan Ballot Result2023

DHA Multan Ballot Results in2023 A great day to DHA Multan files holder once again, a big congratulations. The final DHA Multan result is now available online. DHA organization will announce the results of the vote between 5 PM and 6 Pm.

DHA Multan Ballot Result

We congratulate all members who have been successful in advance. The DHA Multan Ballot Results2023 will be announced shortly on the official website (DHA Multan website). We won’t do any transactions until DHA officially opens transfer.

DHA Multan Phase-1 2nd Ballot The result of the files will be announced on the 30th September2023 Go on the internet

If you have any questions about buying and selling properties in the DHADHA Multan construction is proceeding at a good pace and it is evident that the project will be finished in the near future. We suggest avoiding any type of transaction prior to beginning the transfer process to avoid the risk. To see your results from your ballot follow the link below:



2nd Ballot Final Results Key Points of the Ceremony

In the past few months, voting on DHA Multan Phase 1 plots and the villa have been talked about. Property buying and selling was never an easy task before. just connect to the WhatsApp Hotline for an absolutely free consultation on your property.

To obtain BALLOT RESULTS or to know the true value of YOUR PLOT AFTER BALLOT, PLEASE SEND a text message or call to:

DHA Multan’s file holder is waiting to hear the news. Keep this number in your contact list so that you can receive periodic updates from us. Otherwise, you won’t get any news. The administration has confirmed this.

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DHA Multan is going to vote on the remaining files from Phase 1 in the 2nd Ballot. The vote will be scheduled for September 30,2023, at the DHA Arena. DHA Multan Files With regard to real estate investments, DHA Multan file investment is the most sought-after investment opportunity on the market with regards to price growth under a safe investment strategy.

Official Website

DHA Multan Plots Offer on Installation – Balloting Results, Apply online

The development of these plots has not started yet in these plots and will begin next year. Most of the property located in DHA Multan is being developed There is absolutely no need why should delay the carpets for voting on principal boulevards.


How many plots are within DHA Multan, Whose Balloting was held?

Marla Commercial reduced in Sect P T and V as well as small commercials offered from DHA within these. If anyone can locate a map plot, use DHA Multan’s excellent new effort. GIS Map is most latest. Lahore Real Estate always provided the latest information regarding every project and will provide information and the results for the upcoming vote. If you have any questions or concerns about concerns regarding the DHA Multan ballot result then follow the below steps.

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